The five pillars of RēBē are Style, Quality, Meaning, Empowerment, and Price Point.


Our bold, graphic and minimal design showcases the natural beauty of the materials we use and the women who wear it. We draw inspiration from our travels around the world and design all of our pieces in New York City.


Every piece we make has meaning and power. We always call out what makes each piece special, including its inspiration and the attention to detail that went into creating it.


Jewelry should be a treasure, not something thrown away when the next thing comes along. We use real stones and real pearls and high-quality materials. We ensure every detail is attended to with expert craftsmanship and only partner with equally passionate production studios.


The more we understand our world, the better. We strive to empower ourselves and our customers to make socially and environmentally conscious decisions. We go to the mines, production studios, and pearl farms to understand the process from start to finish, so we can make responsible decisions every step of the way.

Price Point

We go to extraordinary lengths to provide the modern, hardworking woman a revolutionary price point. We go directly to the source to find the best value possible for quality materials. We also sell directly to our customers, cutting out the middleman and high retail markups.

The value of a thing is in its meaning.

-Nate Tate, ReBe Founder