Onyx Sunray Earrings
Onyx Sunray Earrings
Onyx Sunray Earrings
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Onyx Sunray Earrings


  • Onyx Sunray Earrings
  • Onyx Sunray Earrings
  • Onyx Sunray Earrings

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    Size & Materials

    • Hand-cut Black Onyx from Brazil
    • 14k Gold Plated Brass
    • Size: 1" length x 0.7" width
    • Gold Plated Sterling Silver post

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      The Story

      These Onyx Sunray Earrings were inspired by the way the morning sunlight filters through the Himalayan Mountains in Southern Tibet. In the design, gold lines radiate from a central diamond-shaped Onyx cabochon stone. The overall silhouette is angular and graphic with a nod to art deco sunburst designs.

      The Inspiration

      I pull back the tent flap, peeking out at the Onyx-black night that shrouds the mountains around us. A single ray of morning sunlight pierces the blackness from behind the mountains and the cold air begins to warm ever so slightly. Soon another, and then another sunray shoots over the mountains and the valley is flooded with golden light.

      Black Onyx from Brazil

      With a depth that seems to go on forever, Onyx is said to repel negative energy from the wearer. So you can find the courage to never give up, stand up to struggles, kick bad habits, and find inner strength even when the odds are against you. Our Black Onyx comes from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, where the world’s richest diversity of gemstones lies.